Eastern Oregon Should Not Become The Next Appalachia

Eastern Oregon Should Not Become The Next Appalachia The most recent government statistics on unemployment and poverty paint a grim picture for Oregonians living in rural counties, particularly those in eastern Oregon. It’s time for the Oregon legislature to take aggressive steps to fix this problem. A case study shows the disparity. For those of […]

At Long Last, Oregon Legislature Adopts Mining Policy!

The 2015 Oregon Legislature recently completed its annual legislative session. The passage of House Bill 3089 provided a highlight for Oregon’s long dormant mining industry. HB 3089 is an important first step in bringing mining back to Oregon as a significant natural resource industry. The bill creates the first statutory mining policy for Oregon, and […]

Call to Action – Help Us Stop BLM’s Proposed Ban on New Mining Claims!

  On September 24, 2015, the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a Notice of Proposed Withdrawal to designate approximately 19,000,000 acres of federal land as “Sagebrush Focal Areas” and prohibit all new mining claims in those areas for the next 20 years. The proposed withdrawal will impact miners in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, […]