DOGAMI releases important Oregon mining study

DOGAMI releases important Oregon mining study

With so much effort being spent to stop mining in the West, good news is welcome – especially on a Friday afternoon!

One of Rich and my first efforts on behalf of OMA was securing the passage of House Bill 3089 in the 2015 Oregon legislative session. HB 3089 set forth a positive statement about the critical need and importance of the mining industry in Oregon.

In addition, HB 3089 directed DOGAMI to prepare a report detailing the mineral potential in eastern and southern Oregon counties, and present that report to the legislature by September 15, 2016. Earlier this week, DOGAMI released its report to the legislature and public. Here’s a link to the report:

As we expected, based on detailed analysis, DOGAMI concludes that there is a high potential for commercial mining in most parts of southern and eastern Oregon. This isn’t surprising, given the geology of the two regions.

Oregon has the potential to be an outstanding mining state, and the resources are located in the parts of the state that desperately need the family-wage jobs and taxes that the industry provides. This report should serve as a wake-up call for every legislator who cares about helping struggling areas in rural Oregon. The jobs and potential are there – let the industry get to work!

This was an outstanding effort by DOGAMI. Share the report – this is important work for mining in Oregon.

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